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December 2017

SOUTHAMPTON NY – Southampton Business Alliance Housing Initiative Corporation (SBAHIC) Chairman Tony Panza has announced the start of construction on the Alliance’s third workforce housing effort named “Tuckahoe Woods”.

Building on land donated by the Town of Southampton, the completed project will have two homes, each on approximately one-half acre sites. Each exceeds the Town of Southampton energy standards and features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and full basements, and are expected to be priced in the low $300,000 range.

“The Southampton Business Alliance recognizes that the lack of realistically priced housing for the Town’s thousands of employees is one of the biggest challenges business owners face in trying to remain competitive and profitable,” said Panza. “We’re delighted to be making a meaningful difference as we complete these projects.”

The future homeowners will be selected by public lottery, with oversight by the Town’s office of Housing & Community Development and administered by the Long Island Housing Partnership. Applicants must meet certain income and employment criteria, and there will be restrictions on resale of the homes to prevent any windfall profits.

According to Housing & Community Development Director Diana Weir, “Anyone who is interested in this opportunity should register on the Southampton Town website. We will be notifying those who have registered when the applications are available and the date of the lottery.”

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman stated, “We applaud the Southampton Business Alliance for their continued efforts on behalf of working families in the Town of Southampton. We plan to bring forth more projects like this with a goal of increasing the availability of attainable homes for qualified applicants in the near future.”

Visit for more information on applying for the housing lottery. Applications will also be available at Town Hall. You may also contact Diana Weir, Director of Housing & Community Development, Town of Southampton. 631-702-1731




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