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February 2018 – Tuckahoe Woods Workforce Housing Lottery Info

While we’re having a bit of a break in construction during the winter chill, the Town of Southampton Office of Housing and Community Development is accepting applications for potential homeowners.

SBA members who may qualify and/or their staff who may qualify are encouraged to apply for the homeowner lottery to be held on March 15th at Town Hall. Deadline for applications is February 28th.

Simply click on this link to apply. Registration will put you in pool for Tuckahoe Woods and other upcoming opportunities.
Help preserve the H2B Visa for seasonal workers!

Contact our local officials to correct the unfair cap on visas. H2B Visas are the mechanism used by many local businesses to legally employ immigrant labor. The number of visas being issued is shrinking, which hurts local
businesses who depend on this seasonal labor source.

On January 1, 2018, the earliest date on which an employer seeking an employment start date of April 1 may file an H-2B application requesting temporary labor certification, The Federal Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) received approximately 4,500 applications covering more than 81,600 worker positions. The second half of the cap
begins April 1, 2018 and Department of Homeland Security can only issue up to 33,000. We need to be sure our Congressional representatives understand the urgency of this matter.

Click here to be automatically directed to a petition signature page.
Click here for more information on the Visa Cap issue (this takes you to FEWA, a national advocacy group for
employers who utilize the Department of Labor’s various immigration programs.)



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